How To Keep From Starving While Camping

How Not To Starve Camping

You do not need to worry to get starve anymore whenever you are. It is because of you already learn the way to keep survive in every condition. Therefore, although you are in the camping ground, you still can survive and stay full without worry to feel hungry. What are the things you have to consider then?

It depends on the things you want to bring while you are camping. You should make a decision before you go. The simplest way is to bring the instant foods like instant noodles and cereal. However, how if you are get lost and you do not bring anything? Well, you can see the trees and the leaves around you. You can make the fire and use any plate or something similar to it to boil the leaves. You still can alive if you find water and boil it with the leaves. be careful to decide the leaves you want to cook and eat. How if you get lost in the sea? It is the time for you to make the grilled fish. You can catch the fish or squad if you are lucky to get it and grill it. You do not need to worry bout the taste because the sea fishes is usually a bit salty.

Well, let us back to the track. We can imagine if you are on the camping ground so that yo bring anything you can bring. However, it must be not all of the ingredient of the food will you bring. You just need to bring a stove, or you can make it by yourself using the firewood. Do not forget the utensils. If you want to know the way to survive, you should learn about the way to be used to cook rather than aluminum. You can use leaves and put your rice on it or your fish on it and eat them on the top of the leaves.

Is survive is only about food? Sure, not! You should find the way to keep the water with you. It is good to bring a jar, but you also find the water source around your camping ground. If you can live with food, you cannot leave without water. that is the key point of everything. Water will help you to stay fresh and do the right metabolism.

Well, how if you want to pee or poo on the camping ground? It will be a different story anymore. If pee is can be done anywhere, but if you want to poo, you can find the hidden place or river to do it. be careful with the wave and everything around the river. How to make sure you can survive?ask your friends to help you and accompany you anywhere you go.

To keep full and avoid the starving, you also can find cassava or anything around you when your supply food is out. what you have to do is just boil it until it is cooked well. What do you need to doubt anymore? Anything can be eaten as long as it comes from our nature and they are the living organism. You only have to make sure if it is cooked well. Do you know another than cassava you can eat? You can eat cassava leaves too and many fruits you can explore around your camping ground. If it is still possible, you can bring the food can or another thing on the package. All you have to do is only to prepare everything well so that you will not get starve.