What Things That Should Exist In Your Survival List

Survival List

Do you love camping? Camping is a nice idea to get great experience. Before going camping, you should prepare several important things. You can see this survival list to help you preparing your needs.

how to survive wilderness

Tools of Survival Gear List

Most items on this list are very important survival gear pieces. Using proper tools, you can easily make your own shelter or fix a shelter that you already have. These tools also help you to gather wood for making fire. When camping, usually you will need fire for heating your body and cooking. Also remember you’re going to need something to hunt with so you can eat. Make sure you do a search on Google to find the best compound bow for y our money. They are usually sales and a very good tool.

  1. Knives. (Pocket knife, bushcraft fixed blade knife, and bushcraft machete)

  2. Illumination (Flashlight, Lantern, and Emergency candles)

  3. Bags (EDC bag, Hiking backpack, Bug out bag)

  4. Other survival tools, like axe, saw, knife sharpener, scissors, nails, hammer, pliers, duct tape, 550 strand paracord, multi-tool, crowbar, and plastic tubing.

  1. Survival List for Firecraft

The ability to create fire is very significant in survival situation. You will need fire when camping to heat and cook. These are several things that can make you handy in order to make a fire.

  1. Lighter + Lighter fluid

  2. Waterproof matches

  3. Fire starter/fire steel

  4. Tinder

  5. Magnifying glass

3. Survival List for Hydration

Clean and safe water may something difficult to find in nature. You may need a way to collect clean water. You can bring these things if you need to purify water.

  1. Water Collection and Storage (Water collection tank, Water bottle, Canteen, Water bag, and Non-lubricated condoms)

  2. Water Purification (Bleach, Water filter, Water purification tablets)

4. List for Thermoregulation

This list of things is helpful especially in cold nights. It will also help you to face a climate change.

  1. Heat Generation (Mylar blanket, Sleeping bag, Butane/propane heater)

  2. Water Protection (Rain jacket, Rubber rain boots, Poncho)

5. Nourishment

At an emergency situation, you should plan out what to eat. When your stockpile cannot last longer, fishing and hunting will be very valuable. These are things that you need.

  1. Hunting (Binoculars, Slingshot, B.B./pellet gun and pellets, 22 LR rifle and ammo, Crossbow, and Snare wire).

  2. Fishing (Fishing rod, Fishing line, and Fishing lures)

  3. Gathering (Bag/basket)

  4. Gardening Aids (Seeds, Gardening knife, Trowel, Shovel, Pruning shears, and Rake)

  5. Survival Food to Stockpile (MREs, ice, hard candy, salt, canned food, energy bars, wine and liquors).

  6. Cooking and eating utensils (Cast iron pan, Can opener, Tin can, Aluminum foil, Stainless steel cooking cup, Portable Wood Burning Stove, Butane/propane camping stove, Butane/propane, spoons, forks, chopsticks, and knives)

6. Survival List for Shelter

You will be able to build your own shelter if you have proper tools. Shelter will help you stay warm in a survival situation. Things that you need are:

  1. Tent

  2. Tarp

  3. Bivy sack

  4. Survival hammock

7. Medicine and First Aid

Your kit should include at least basic medicine and first aid. Basic first aid and some medicine will help you through of difficult situations.

  1. Medicine (advil, tylenol cold & flu, imodium, aspirin, antihistamines, and benzocaine gel).

  2. First aid (sewing kit, iodine, rescue shears, quick clot, tourniquet splints, wound dressing, and 50% alcohol solution).

8. List for Rescue

Not every survivalist are interested in staying connected with outside world. But, if you want to know what is happening in the outside world, you can add these survival gear items to your stockpile.

  1. Navigation (Compass, GPS, Maps)

  2. Communication and Rescue (Cell phone, Walkie talkie, Satellite phone, shortwave radio, AA-battery radio, Signaling mirror, Whistle, Flares, and Personal locator beacon).

9. Survival List for Clothing and Apparel

There is a large variety of clothing that would be very helpful survival situations. Do not forget to bring these things.

  1. Wool socks

  2. Jacket

  3. Bandanas

  4. Shemagh

  5. Hiking boots

  6. Tactical boots

  7. Sunglasses